10-on-10 for March

Capturing ten photos on the 10th of the month. Our day in the life (all photos here are captured on a phone). Other Ten-on-ten can be found here.


The photos don’t capture what a hard day it was for me and how my “hard reset” at lunch made a big difference. I’ve been fighting for margin lately! However the pictures do capture how blessed I am by my amazing family!

Before we begin school these cuties exercise with me…
Typing practice is Flower girls favorite and usually how she starts the day.
D-man is doing beginning reading and loves cutting out sentences and putting them near the correct photo
Working on math. Fractions oh my!
He finished hooking up batter back up for the house. What a gift! Now no more power fluctuations and long outages 🙂
This is a bit of real life. I had a really really hard day and my hubby sent me out to lunch to journal and decompress before he left for South Sudan. *love him*
I came home to a house full of friends and teammates and a rousing game of ticket to ride with kids ensued…
While we were playing this man made a huge batch of his fabulous cinnamon rolls. Yum!
With all the travel he’s been doing moments liket his make me smile and cry all at once…
I finished the evening by painting my new way to relax and process…


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