Where are you?

We were serving in the Upper Nile of South Sudan, a small town called Melut near the capital of Malakal.

but in December 0f 2013 fighting broke out in South Sudan and as this area is near valuable oil fields it still has alot of instability. So far there has been no fighting in Melut itself but in nearby villages.

In 2014 we moved to North Africa where we have been increasing our Arabic language skills and J– has been working with refugee youth (from South Sudan, Sudan and Eritrea).

In 2015 we will return to our passport country for our home assignment.

It is our hope to return to South Sudan in 2016. If the Lord opens up a door of peace this is where we will return.

How can we send you a care package?

Please go here for more details. Thanks for asking about how to bless us!

How do you get paid?

We are supported by churches, friends and family that believe in what we are doing. To find out more about what this means and how you can be involved please visit our financial information page.

When did you leave?- How long is your term? – When will you return stateside and for how long?

We flew out December 11th, 2012. We are returning after our first term in March of 2015. We will return to Africa in January of 2016 after our home assignment for another three year term.

Are you guys going alone?

We have the privilege of joining an amazing agency. Our team is seeking to assist Southern Sudan rebuild as a nation after years of civil war. The base we are at focuses on these rebuilding efforts through meeting medical and water quality needs.

With the current instabilities is your organization still in South Sudan?

Yes! We have continued to have a large medical services presence in Doro, Upper Nile, and some of our team has worked in Melut as well during instabilities. SIM remains committed to working in South Sudan.

What did you do do there?

Life here is full of more surprise and “not what I expected” experiences then in our passport country. While J– is fulfilling the role of Water engineer his day to day tasks often look a bit different then we had intended. This is due to us meeting the pressing needs that arise. Often instability brings with it changing needs and opportunities and we want to flex ourselves to fit those needs as they arise instead of being so committed to a job description we cannot provide valuable partnership. With that being said we are seeking to empower the Southern Sudanese Church to help spread the gospel through physical and spiritual tools. Currently in the Upper Nile Region of South Sudan 65% of people do not have access to clean drinking water. J– in this past year has led sessions on water purification techniques and building water purification systems and boreholes to help access clean drinking water in additoin to other classes for refugees. He has also offered technical support to various ministries. His most important work has been building relationships to share good news. Abuk’s primary role has be discipline the kids and building relationships with women and children. She has also helped with some grief / trauma healing  and biblical education for women.

Where will your kids go to school?

There is not a  appropriate school near where we will be living so we will be homeschooling for another  term using a classical education method. We are committed to evaluating each of our childrens’ needs and choosing an educational plan that is best for them, at this time this is homeschooling.

How can we contact you?

Click here to contact us we’d love to hear from you.



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