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  1. David and Karen
    5 January, 2013

    Hello from the Heskas!

    We love your blog! Very well done.
    Just wanted to say a quick hello. We’re arriving from Canada on January 22nd and look forward to meeting you guys! We’re heading to Melut sometime in February. David is a civil engineer so will be helping rebuild GTC and the compound. I, Karen will be primarily be taking care of our 18 month old.


  2. osy Graham
    10 September, 2013

    I first read this in SIM news. Would you give me permission to use it in our church magazine, a not for profit magazine, in a small denomination, linked to a mission group called Cush for Christ. We circukate 1000 copies per month eleven times a year to our subscribers.

    Thank you

    Osy Graham (editor)


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