About SIM

SIM is an international organization with more than 1,600 active people  serving in more than 50 countries. SIM members serve among many diverse people groups in Africa, Asia, and South America.

SIM workers are “international” themselves, representing more than 30 nationalities—including nations that in the past only received missionaries. They also serve in a wide variety of career fields. The SIM family can use people of every ethnicity who have almost any skill imaginable!

Ethos and Purpose

Our purpose is to glorify God by planting, strengthening, and partnering with churches around the world as we:

  • share with the unreached,
  • minister to human need,
  • disciple believers into churches,
  • equip churches to fulfill Christ’s Commission.
SIM’s Core Values, click HERE
SIM’s Statement of Faith, click HERE

SIM in SOUTH Sudan

Ministry Vision:

“By faith, SIM sees God bringing His peace and mercy to South Sudan. We see Southern Sudanese Christians growing toward maturity in Christ. We also see many southern Sudanese children going to school with the health and living conditions improving for the war torn areas where refugees and displaced people are coming home.”

To learn more about SIM visit www.sim.org

One thought on “About SIM

  • 10 October, 2011 at 10:34 pm

    J- and A-, I am sure there are many stories of how the Lord will come up with your finances but I wanted to share our story with you to encourage you and to encourage others. When Chad and I received your letter about what you will be doing and how much financial support you needed, Chad and I were somewhat discouraged. We did not know how much to give. We thought, what difference would our gift be? We do not have much money left over every month after our own expenses are paid. We prayed about it and one morning I woke up and knew what God wanted us to do. Through the Holy Spirit, He said we needed to give up the money we were setting aside for the girl’s college funds. That money needs to go to Me (God) through the work of J– and Abuk and I will take care of your girls. Then I had to ask God, “Should we just give part of that money?” His answer was “No”. “In order for you to trust in me, it must all be given.” Then God reminded me of the story of Ananias and Sapphira in Acts. The questions stopped and I knew I just needed to be obedient. I shared with Chad what God wanted us to do and he completely agreed without any questions. That is probably why the Holy Spirit came to me first. I have to admit that I am excited that I received confirmation and a promise from our Heavenly Father that He will take care of Samantha and Breanna. We cannot plan or save better than God can. I am secondly excited that their college money is going to a greater need- Saving Lives for Jesus!


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