We receive prayer and financial support from people who believe in our ministry. We have two types of needs as we look to serve in Southern Sudan Monthly and One Time (ministry needs). PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR FAQ REGARDING FINANCES!

I. Monthly Support

(Ongoing Needs: $9,140 / month) 

* Salary–Our living expenses each month.  These expenses include food, clothing, toiletries, and household items.  We will also pay for utilities, a satellite phone, health-care deductibles, etc.  Another important “expense” is our own giving to the local church and missionaries we support.

* Children’s Education – This is the cost associated for purchasing, and transporting school supplies for our children. There is no local school in the area so we will be homeschooling. Please see FAQ for more information.

* Housing–This is the cost for housing in South Sudan (and Kenya…see notes on travel below)

* Support Services–This includes many things. Our organizations offices assist cross cultural workers in navigating the world of visas, work permits, and other legal aspects of international travel and living. In addition, they provide team training, consulting on the field, financial infrastructure and accountability, international shipping and logistics, and the resources necessary to share our vision.

* Transportation – This cost is for transportation to the Upper Nile district of South Sudan. Currently this area lacks infrastructure and the only way of getting there is by chartering a plane in. Due to the lack of infrastructure we must fly into Kenya every three months to resupply. This is why the transportation percentage is such a large part of our support figure. One of the first needs people have is clean water, this comes before roads, and airfields, stores or suppliers.

* Insurance–This includes premiums for medical and emergency evacuation insurance if any of us needs evacuation to a country with better medical care.

* Retirement–This is a small amount that will be contributed to a 403b.

* Taxes–Missionaries pay something equivalent to FICA, called the SECA tax.

*Ministry Needs – These are funds that are used specifically for ministry purposes such as training tools, tools and supplies needed for our ministry. One way of thinking about this is it is similar to a business fund account.


But if God is leading you to partner with us as we serve your funds are still appreciated. Any “excess” funds stay in our account and serve to bridge the gap when supporters are unable to give a particular month or are unable to continue giving. Thank you so much for partnering with us!

Please prayerfully consider joining us as financial partners

To make an online gift toward our support please CLICK HERE.

All gifts are tax-deductible.

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