Accounts Explained

Members of SIM have 2 different accounts for 2 different purposes:

1) Support Account

This is our “main” account, into which we receive our monthly support need of $9,140.  As that money comes in each month, it then goes out according to the pie chart in the “Finances” page, under “monthly support”.  It may be helpful to think of this account as our “Living Expenses” account.

These are needs we have each month in order to provide clean water and biblical training in South Sudan. We request that all funds given on a reoccurring basis (monthly, yearly, or otherwise go into this account).

*All gifts into this account are tax-deductible*

2) Ministry Account

This account receives gifts to pay for expenses directly connected to our “ministry.”  In our case, ministry expenses include costs for language learning, J–‘s transportation needs to reach villages with no access to water (vehicle,  fuel, repairs), maintaining and replacing tools for J–‘s work and  producing prayer letters and staying in contact with our supporters.  

One time needs: These  include all our costs for studying Arabic, training at SIM headquarters, and set-up costs for a home in South Sudan.  Language training is also included such as classes to understand  how to learn the Mabaan language, visas, travel to and from the field, baggage, our first months support, immunizations, and resources for support raising. This figure also includes an intensive on-field medical course for Abuk so she can assist in the medical clinic, as well as caring for the needs of our children in an area where medical care is not easily accessible. These costs are all a part of our one time ministry needs.

Ongoing needs: We also have an “Ongoing/Monthly Need” for our Ministry Account.  This is separate from and in addition to the $7,567 monthly need in our Support Account.  We need $400 to be given to our Ministry Account each month to cover the ongoing expenses of maintaining and using J–‘s vehicle and tools, occasionally mailing prayer letters, and other monthly needs directly related to providing clean water and resources to the Sudanese.

MONTHLY NEED= $400     ONE-TIME NEED= $106,488

*All gifts into this account are tax-deductible*

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