You know it’s been a long time when…

NC and TX courtesey of Abuk C-25
Ahoy! Is that a blog post ahead?

I feel like I must open up this entire post by stating the obvious. Such as you know it’s been a long time since you’ve written on your blog when…

  • You forget your password to sign in
  • The thought of writing becomes overwhelming because you have sooo much to say
  • People start emailing and asking where you are and if you are ok
  • You start to miss a place to reflect

Since all four of these apply to me it is time to start re-blogging! So for my faithful prayer warriors thanks for making me feel missed in this small corner of the world, for encouraging me to write and giving me a place to be real and share about how you can be praying. Let’s get to it!

First a bit of “housekeeping” some FAQ I’ve had over email that really ought to have a voice here…

YES we are “back” in our passport country and home “state” of Washington.

          We arrived in the states in early March and traveled the East and West Coasts sharing with donors and supporting churches until July. We are now “Settled” in a lovely home provided by one of our churches until late December when we return to East Africa.

YES I am ok 🙂 Just trying to find the margin to blog!

            One thing I was not anticipating was that Home Assignment would be way busier then life overseas! Yes we have many modern conveniences but the prep that goes into managing a family of six on the road is no joke, add to that homeschooling and tons of (super awesome!) connections and meetings and well…let’s just say the margin of routine is a bit harder to discover.

YES We do know where we are headed when we return to East Africa and are super excited to tell you about it!

       We have the green light from our supporting churches about the “plan” for our return and while we hold plans loosely we are excited to be offering support to our South Sudan team by managing the water project and secondary school (both projects that are happening in Upper Nile South Sudan) but are managed from Nairobi. We are also thrilled to be working with Sudanese Youth living in Nairobi through some special school/training…more on that to come!

YES This is a very boring blog post…but I promise another more interesting one is on its way. It’s good to be back!


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