Four years old

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W-man was the first of our family to celebrate his birthday in South Sudan (PJ and Flower-girland J– and I all had our birthdays fall when we were in Nairobi). The day didn’t go exactly as planned (but really when does any day?). I was sick, and there was a prayer service in memory of Elisabeth beginning at 4pm. But W-man absolutely loved his day.


He woke up on his birthday pillowcase (thanks Grandma) and Dad made him crepes for breakfast. He went on the quad bike to the store with Dad and then went out to play with his friends. They spoiled him rotten all of them gushing that anything he wanted to do or have was his since it was his special day. His favorite gift was given to him by Evan. His new “pewer” (gun or sword). This pipe was the perfect “pewer” and he LOVED it. So did we when J– used it to kill a snake on our porch later that night. Each friend made him a beautiful card as well. So sweet how the kids love on our little.

W-man turns FOUR

He went around and passed out stickers to everyone on campus to celebrate his birthday.

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He enjoyed an “orange julius” and creamy pasta for lunch (we mix ice milk powder and juice drink mix…it tastes so good!)

After nap time dad gave him his gift from us. A sword made out of local materials that he had created.

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J– and I headed off to prayer service on campus and the kids watched a movie at home. Afterwards there was a big feast with the whole college but goat and okra soup with kissera wasn’t what the birthday boy had wanted for dinner so J– made him some pizza.

At 6:30 racing the sun everyone headed from prayers over to celebrate. It got dark on us midway through the celebration but we all enjoyed W-man’s blue layered cake anyway…somehow everything tastes better here.

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We are so grateful for the gift of watching W-man grow, he is a compassionate boy who loves deeply and offers the best snuggles, he is a gentle friend who shows concern and care for the needs of others (in his four year old way). We love you W-man Billiam.

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    Happy Birthday William!!!

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