Tired seasons and walking through them


Some seasons in life are just tiring. The kind where bedtime cannot come soon enough, and mornings are hard to get up to, where you realize you have to cook dinner every night and the laundry pile grows instead of shrinks. The seasons where we must be faithful in the day to day of living life even when we are tired or life isn’t looking like we’d expected or hoped. We’ve been studying Ephesians here in Melut and I’ve been quite moved by the Holy Spirit’s revelation in a new light regarding this amazing book through studying it with the ladies here on campus I truly feel ought to complete an entire blog post on this study it has been amazing but it has been too amazing to write about or process, yet…

We completed chapters 1-3 which Paul so clearly outlines the gifts we have been given in God. Some of these gifts we have all been given as sons and daughters of God, and others are unique to our calling, or to us in order to build up the body of Christ. As we’ve been moving into chapters four and five we’ve been looking at what it means to “therefore walk…”. The ladies have linked this to a powerful image for me. Because of all God has given us, because of all He has done we walk through life looking different, acting different.

For me as I am in the midst of a tired season this means I can walk through life standing tall, no matter what lies at the next bend I can walk as a woman who is not overcome with exhaustion, situations, cultural stress, or even by hurtful words or actions. It’s not that these things have no affect upon me but rather it is that in the tired season I can cling to what I have been given, to what Christ has done, to who he has made me and BECAUSE OF HIS WORK I can walk forward.

I know tired seasons aren’t a product of where I live they come upon us wherever we are. Sometimes we can see reasons for them, sometimes we cannot but we can walk through them standing tall, as children of God. It is because of what He has done we can walk through the tired seasons into whatever lies beyond them, be it famine or feasting, joy or sorrow, or simply more twists and turns of faithful trusting.

Therefore (because of all God has done, because of the grace he infuses in us, because we know the author of each day)…I can walk even when I am tired in faithful anticipation of what lies ahead.

Tonight as I journal I am thanking God for the tired seasons, for the times when bedtime cannot come soon enough dinner has to be cooked (again), and faith is refined through the day to day of living. It is in the tired seasons I am forced to rest in the therefore of life, the reasons why we walk with confidence not because we know what lies ahead each bend or how long this season will last, or even if we will be strong enough to endure, but we know the one who does and He has given us all we need to continue on in faithful obedience.

Therefore, in exciting, tired, or hard seasons we walk the same, some seasons we may lean heavier on the therefore then others but in each we can be faithful to the one who has given us the therefore, the one who has done all the work. The one who is the same in each season of life. Therefore, tonight I am resting in the grace of this truth, marveling it and leaning into it as I walk forward.

Therefore….I urge you to walk…(Ephesians 4:1)

2 thoughts on “Tired seasons and walking through them

  • 15 November, 2013 at 4:05 am

    (Sarah here) Wish I could give you a hug and hear your heart. Praying for you. 😉

  • 19 November, 2013 at 2:58 am

    So the command to “Give Thanks” takes on a richer and dare I say more possible truth when we remember that He has given us all we need for whatever season, day, moment or second we are presently in…..thanks for sharing your wise thoughts with us. Hugs and Kisses. Mom


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