Ten-on-10 May 2018

Capturing ten photos on the 10th of the month.  Other Ten-on-ten can be found here. 

This month I am teaming up with the amazing Claire who has a knack for capturing and creating beauty wherever she lives. You can find her on instagram I think ..Thanks for doing this with me friend!

Also in true form with our 2018 this 10-on-10 fell on another not normal day as I was in training with First Aid Arts for most of the day. Such a joy filled learning experience!

Sweeping leaves in the morning…
Attending a training by First Aid Arts… one group activity
Using color and movement to help with emotional intelligence
Training was from 8:30-5pm for four days…

Quick stop at home to get supplies and these cuties greeted me.

Choosing an image during training to represent me in this season
Chai time during training
A tiny glimpse of creativity and healing…
This bugs face when I finally arrived home around 6:30 … love her!