10-on-10 for June

Capturing ten photos on the 10th of the month. Our day in the life (all photos here are captured on a phone). Other Ten-on-ten can be found here. 

This months photos were brought by my dear friend Tija who texted a reminder. Which was just what I needed as I was having a hard and rather low Saturday and needed a reminder to capture the beauty of the day. It was the first Saturday I can remember this year that we were home all day… just relaxing. It was pretty amazing to have some low key family memories and down time. All photos just captured on my phone.

Morning! I had a late start to my day and listened to the family eat breakfast from my bedroom before rolling out of bed…these crutches were staring at me menacingly and made me delay the start to my Saturday…
My little helper carried my chai to my desk so I could enjoy some tea while I got some bills paid.


Jonathan was outside visiting. We often have folks stop by our home unexpectedly (to us) to chat…


Tree fort building was on the agenda…finally putting up some safety rails!


The brother and little sister having crawling races in the grass. Sooo sweet!


A few rounds of gobblet gobblers with my kiddos


Journeling under the sky…


Pajamas are on early before dinner and a show ensues…a sing off to decide who is more awesome boys or girls.


When your friend flies a plane in the morning and drops off meal for your entire family in the evening…it’s pretty awesome to have people guys – and we have some awesome people in our lives!


Game night with good freinds…kids happily playing notice the reader lounging in the background. So cute!