I have the privileged of guest blogging today over at SIM.ORG about my favorite time of the week this past year, studying Ephesians with this group of ladies.

When I realized we were moving overseas I remember feeling quite sad, sad becuase I had just finished facilitating a small group study of Ephesians for some high school girls and I loved it. The thought of moving somewhere and leaving what I loved behind filled my heart with grief….

“…but God…”   in His grace granted me a few months delving into Ephesians wtih this amazing group of women the exact book I had loved studying.

The bigger and less  personal” … but God’s….” are in the story below (along with a video) … but God is in the little details as well as the big.

The sound of chalk scribbling on a chalkboard filters through the room. Images of sun, arrows, small mud huts and groups of people fill the board. Thirteen women sit in the small, hot classroom studying Bibles written in five different languages. More than eight tribes are represented and all Bibles lay opened to the book of Ephesians.

Each woman carefully reads or listens to the words of the passage in her own language, dissecting the ideas and questions in her mind. Using Arabic as our bridge language, together we transform written truths into images on the board, a curriculum brimming with hope, ready to be taken into homes and translated into the heart language of each woman’s village…..READ THE COMPLETE STORY  HERE