Twas the night before Christmas….

Flower-girl excitedly marched into the kitchen, her feet making echo noises against the parque floor. “Mom, let me tell you my dream!” she proclaimed. It was Christmas morning and I envisioned a dream involving eggnog, a baby in a manger or stockings and the baby was crying and I said, “now Flower-girl?”. “Yeah now Mom” and with that her six year old voice launched into storytelling mode.

” Mom we went back home to Melut to help all our friends there. We got there and it was really good to be back and then, (this is the scarey part Mom), we realized we had nothing to stop the bad guys with us. We were scared with everyone when I remembered we did have something to stop them with (this is the good part Mom), so we all started praying. The bad guys went home Mom because God answered our prayers.

As we pray from farther away from loved ones then we would like to be Flower girl’s dream was a wonderful Christmas gift to me reminding me to do well what God has called me to do at this time. Thanks for standing with us for “doing something” with us to help our brothers and sisters.

There are two bits of media information that really help explain what is happening that I would like to share with you in the hopes they fuel your prayers as you gain better understanding of what is happening.

The first is the conflict explained in pictures from Al Jazeera. Really takes about two minutes to look at and does a great overview explanation.

The second is this map from the UN on current conflict and humanitarian needs. We have been living in Melut which is in Upper Nile State near Malakal. Thanks for standing with us.

=J– and Abuk

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