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  1. Jessica deBruyn
    15 March, 2013

    Beautiful, honest, authentic, and all so true. Many truths transcend distance and culture, and are true here as they are there. Constantly praying for you, J–, and your sweet children. Love that PJ could see the good, even in the midst of discomfort!


  2. Emily
    16 March, 2013

    This truth really does transcend cultures and continents: thank you for the reminder. I am about to return from my own coffee date (no cobras were invited to mine!) and as think of the mess and the laundry and the many loud questions that await me, I’m going to do my best to seek God even in those frustrating things. And thank him for the time to recharge first! Love you, Amie! May God continue to bless you abundantly and show himself to you ever more clearly!


  3. Patricia Link
    18 March, 2013

    Today, my Cross family bookmark parked at Psalm 136. Praying for you. Kudos for treading on the serpent. In the harvest where laborers are few, hugs to the few. Grace to yourselves. Our Father will NOT say “perfectly done”…but, “well done, good and faithful servants.”


  4. Debbe Rody
    20 March, 2013

    As I read your newsletter tears coome to my eyes. My heart is full of love and thankfulness for your faithfulness and obedience to God. Your family has stepped into the refiners fire and from this you will be blessed with knowing our Lord in a most intimate way. His glory will be revealed to you. I am humbled to know that you are a woman after God’s heart. Your thoughts are so transparent and true. I pray for continued good health, peace and God’s supernatural covering as you walk with Him in this mission. Bless you all!


  5. Grace Huffaker Lynnwood
    8 April, 2013

    “This too shall pass.” was a mantra of my mother’s. Perhaps for all she had been through. In my life the first six months of any change have always been the hardest.. A new country, ministry, separation etc. Thanks for being honest, although I can’t feel the heat and bugs, I’ve done a few. I’m copying the story of the bees to my b. study ladies. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.


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