Dear anonymous…

Dear “anonymous”,

I’ve been meaning to write you for quite some time and just now carved the time. Forgive me. I want to tell you two stories that will hopefully paint a picture of the gift you have give to our family. The first happens just over a month ago. I had just gotten in from ten days with my sister and newest nephew and we got out of the house as  family to celebrate by going out to breakfast. The cafe was packed and we waited in line for a half hour to get a seat. We ordered our meal and laughed over steaming mugs of cocoa, pancakes, eggs, coffee and chatter. The smell of bacon filled the restaurant and we laughed over stories, silly faces, and whipped cream mustaches. When we had finished we stood up to pay our bill to discover that it had been paid in full.

As a family of six our breakfast is not always on the cheap end…and someone had paid it in full. The entire way home the kids tried to make sense of it all. Who had paid the bill? Did we know them? What would make them do that? Was it God? Was it God that made someone else pay? If I had to sum up the atmosphere in our car it would be one of disbelief, awe, amazement and lots of confusion. The biggest question being what would prompt someone to pay for someone else s breakfast (even the hot chocolate~!)?

A few weeks later I walked into our dentist office with bill in hand. Flower-girl and I needed some additional work done and knew we needed to pay our cleaning bill from our last visit. With no dental insurance our “balance” was appropriate for a family our size and with a half numb mouth I made my way to the counter. The gal behind the counter smiled, paid in full our bill was no more. After a bit of confusion and overwhelming gratitude and a bit more clarification to make sure I had understood we walked out of the office. I wish you could have heard Flower-girl. Her almost eight year old brain was spinning extra fast and she was processing what she had seen in light of the breakfast a few weeks ago. Finally her verb verbal processing slowed and she paused ans said,

” Mom, when I grow up I want to be that person”

“What person?” I mumbled through the one working side of my mouth.

“The one who gives to someone else without them knowing so that person knows God loves them, I want to be them”

And so it was that a breakfast bill and clean teeth were used by God to teach my daughter what it means to be generous. I fumbled with the car keys as she continued.

“I know why they did it mom” she said.

“They did it because they loved God and when God asked them to they said yes, because they loved him so much, and then we knew God loved us too”

The words have been bouncing around in my head ever since. “…and then we knew God loved us too…”

First there was knowledge by a generous soul of a love from God that is so secure it prompts obedient action. Then God takes that action and transforms it into another knowing the secure love of God. It is Isiaha 43:7, God’s people created for His glory and participating in it through obedience.

So to the person who bought us breakfast, and wiped out our medical bills. To the many that give anonymously to our ministry, to those of you that give so sacrificially through time and prayer this letter is for you. It is written to those that have lovingly given of time, talent, ability, a listening ear,  and money to show us the love of God. Thank you. Thank you for instilling in our children a desire to live lives that bless another, thank you for giving so God could use your gifts to teach us of His love. We want you to know that we pray we will take the lessons in love that you have given us and be able to better bless another out of the abundance God has lavished on us.

God is using your gifts of breakfast, clean teeth, anonymous giving, laundry soap, warm coats and clothes and date night “funds” to teach each of us who He is.

We are so grateful,

J—,Abuk, Flower-girl, PJ, W-man, D-man and baby


We seek to empower our children, our teammates and our Sudanese friends to love and know more of who God is through acts of loving service and biblical teaching.

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