On packing…and packratting…


With just one week to go until we head to our passport country for a few months we are in the throws of packing (again!) we do this quite often and it never gets easier. It involves inventoring each item we own (either staying or going) so when (err…if?) the airline loses our luggage we know what is missing in our jet-lagged state and do not have to try and engage our brains in that state…and we also know what we are storing so that way we don’t bring back with us things we already have.

This process for me is complicated by kids clothing…in 9 months will they still fit into…or is this the right season for…

As we touch each item I am reminded of how much we’ve been given, and even after all the moves and evacuation how much we have. We are truly blessed to have so many educational books for our children, clothing, household items…and we are also blessed we don’t have more to sort through and pack.

Packing up each item is an emotional process as it carries with it memories, hopes and expectations we must sort through as we place each item in a plastic bin…


My youngest gets a bit sad and worried by the packing process so he has discovered how to make this season simpler….he grabs his sleep mat (that I made from an old quilt) and cuddles in this warmth of familiarity…J– and I try and carve out time in the evenings to play games with the kids, or watch a short film…just so the throws of change don’t overwhelm us with what is good, familiar and won’t change.


Oh…and we are getting really comfortable at hosting dinner parties amidst piles of “to be packed” 🙂


Anyone have any tips to make packing simpler?

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