Thank you for giving!

We are so grateful to be partnered in financial ministry with many of you whom God has also pressed on your hearts a desire to serve the people of South Sudan. Thank you! We are specifically praying God will multiply your financial gifts into changed lives!

A few questions we’ve had that we realized we have not clearly answered 🙂

How long does it take for you to receive my gift? It can take us up to two weeks from the time you give for us to know that you have given. This is because your gifts are all processed through our organization (which is why they are tax deductible) and so alot depends on their processing times and the time it takes us to “sync” our database with theirs.

Do you get notes I write on my donation? Yes! Our donor care department emails us those right away so we often see your notes before our database sees your gifts!

What information should I include? Important information for us includes prayer requests you may have (which you can also email us directly) as well as whether your gift is a one time or a pledged donation. We keep track of our pledged gifts (meaning what you, in good faith will try and give on any type of regular basis, monthly, quarterly, yearly) this helps us know if we are projected to meet our budgets and are ready for the field. If you plan on donating more then once don’t be shy email, call us, or write in information letting us know this helps us know what additional funds we need to raise before our departure 🙂

Thank you for your partnership!