Bit by bit…

DGod knew we needed kids. Our children are as happy and content as can be not knowing what tomorrow holds until it arrives. They wake up not knowing what the day may hold but they embrace each activity with excitement (or dread) as it comes their way.

Having our plans so swiftly and suddenly change has been hard for me(Abuk), because I do not know what lies ahead. I have two options I can embrace each activity, like my children or I can choose not to.

We do not know where we will live in the coming months or what our language study will look like. But I know that tomorrow when I awake I can study Arabic script and vocabulary, seek to practice it when our language helper arrives, love and teach my children and cook a meal for my family. Tomorrow I can seek the face of God.

My sister-in-law wrote us an email today where she said,

“It is so clear that God is revealing his plan to you bit by bit”.

Bit by bit, God does have a plan and right now he is revealing it to us day by day and I find myself facing a daily choice (one I think we always face but aren’t acutely aware of) will I embrace what God has for me today even if the future is a bit murky? Am I willing to be obedient in the today even if tomorrow is unknown?

I am reading through the bible this year and am in Genesis (of course it is only the 7th) and Abraham’s life has been such an example to me. God said, “go” and he went. Day by day he went and God met Him there.

I think in many ways it is easy to think that God’s plans have been upset or disrupted (after all ours have been) but His have not. He is using this time to refine us, to help us know Him more, to teach us Arabic,yes, but really to teach us so much more. I don’t know what lies ahead and I do wish God would reveal his plan to me more then bit by bit but that doesn’t take away from the fact that He has a plan.

My kids were squealing with joy today, laughing with friends, singing silly songs and embracing each new activity as it came along. Bit by Bit they seized what the day had for them, fell into their beds and fell asleep. Unencumbered by what tomorrows plans are they will awake ready to embrace the day bit by bit.

I am sure as Abraham traveled he wondered where he was going, what the next day held, when he would see the promises God had for him, but he chose to obey bit by bit and bit by bit He grew to know God more and bit by bit God fulfilled His promises.

Our bit by bit plan includes studying Sudanese Arabic with all we have and seeking the face of God with as much fervor as we posses. Then bit by bit and day by day seeing what other adventures lie around the next bend.


2 thoughts on “Bit by bit…

  • 7 January, 2013 at 7:45 pm

    Praying for you all as you wait on the Lord. It is hard to not know what lies ahead especially as a mom, trying to care for kids (always wanting to have a plan for the day and for what lies ahead). Isn’t it so amazing though how God uses our children to teach us so many things, like faith and trust. Praying for you and Jon, that your hearts would be like those of your kids, trusting and relying on God, our provider, through this time of unknown waiting.

    Love you all

  • 9 January, 2013 at 2:04 am

    This is very convicting as all of us only have bit by bit, even though we think we may know what the future holds for us.


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