10-on-10 March 2018

Capturing ten photos on the 10th of the month.  Other Ten-on-ten can be found here. 

This months I am teaming up with the amazing Claire who has a knack for capturing and creating beauty wherever she lives. You can find her first 10-on-10 project live soon…Thanks for doing this with me friend!

Morning sun shining through the moshi net
J—-makes crepes on saturdays…
Packing for Spain. This worn document holdsnemories and moments in its pages…
She wanted to help me pack…
Sibling stomping
Family game before I leave
Officially traveling without crutches and the smallest amount of bracing in a year! Progress…
Boarding in Nrb

We seek to empower our children, our teammates and our Sudanese friends to love and know more of who God is through acts of loving service and biblical teaching.

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