Ten-on-ten February 2018

Capturing ten photos on the 10th of the month. Our day in the life.  Other Ten-on-ten can be found here. 

This months photos were brought by my dear friend Tija who I was visiting around the 10th of February at her home at a very small town in Northern Kenya. She reminds me through her texts, prayers and life to find joy in the everyday moments. I love you friend. These photos were taken over several days but capture a day in her life and the joy I had in getting to see it.

Homeschooling in the “cold room”
A field trip to paint the sunset

The local grocery store …
Cooling off…
Tree climbing…
Saying goodbye to the airport in Northern Kenya. My sweet friend is waving down below.
The plane ride back to Nairobi


We seek to empower our children, our teammates and our Sudanese friends to love and know more of who God is through acts of loving service and biblical teaching.

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